Thursday, 16 January 2014

New Year

As previously noted I have had some major blog-related wobbles - mainly because people I know we're reading my blog and I felt cringed out by it all! I am taking my own advice - what would Beyonce do! I am now back as I find it cathartic. New year, new start. I have lots of things I want to achieve and I feel really motivated!
First stop is really boring and it is potty training the youngest. Started today and by lunchtime  we had been through six pairs of pants - who pees/poos that much in a morning??? This has generally been the chat this morning:
Me; "Do you need the toilet"
Youngest, shaking head; "No, no mummy!"
Me, several times after asking if he needs the toilet; "Have you peed?"
Youngest, with wet patch, sitting in a pool of pee; "No, no, not peed."
Me; "Where do pees go?"
Youngest; "In the potty."
Me, mopping floor; "Why did you pee on the floor then?"
Youngest, in compete denial; "Not me mummy"

Where do you go from here? Flat out denial. Can't even be bribed with a "sticky lolly". Oldest finds it hilarious. Have binned a pair of pants. Sorry environment but nothing is worth that clean up job!

Vic x

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sunshine, Coupons and Blogjo!

Hello, I have not written anything for a while for a number of reasons - mainly because I have been busy, tired and have kind of lost my Blogjo! When in full flow I enjoy writing the blog so I am going to keep going. I think the main reason for my loss of enthusiasm is that I don't want to come across as an ass or self-obsessed. Who does she think she is??? Why would anybody be interested in what I have to say??? Particularly when I am not talking about anything in particular! Self doubt is horrible and doesn't get you anywhere so I am keeping going! What would Beyonce do?????

A wee catch up - over the past few weeks I have been entertaining the kids with various activities including Culzean Castle, Gymteds, Amazonia at the Avenue, the park, soft play and the surprising favourite - a trip to Ikea! The sun is also splitting the sky which helps. Paddling pool in the garden it is. My lazy cat is finding the sunshine exhausting!!!

My fitness regime had gone out the window. I have been to yoga which I am finding very relaxing so I intend to make a big effort to attend the class. I am DETERMINED to get a Tracy Anderson regime going so back into this tonight. I am feeling "hefty".

My big secret indulgence over the past few weeks has been (hushed tones) couponing. It all began when I was watching Extreme Couponing on TLC. I then started following a couponing blog (will put the link on the blogs I love list) and I have gone into couponing overload. The blog is a treasure chest of all things coupon and I take my hat off to its author. Who knew there were so many coupons in the world!!! It is so satisfying when they all come off at the till. I might give couponing a wide berth for a while though as the thrill of the coupon is making me lose perspective on what I actually need to buy. I currently have a freezer full of Hagen Das but no milk. I also don't want everyone in the supermarket to whisper "Here comes crazy coupon lady" when I walk through the door.

My "to do" list is bigger than ever. I have a dining room to paint, a garden to sort, a staycation to plan along with a four year old birthday party. I have also been absolutely rubbish at sending my picture book off to agents. I received my first knock back. You don't get any feedback unfortunately. They simply said that they didn't feel strongly enough about it. I was absolutely expecting rejection so I am genuinely fine about this although it would be great to know if I was flogging a dead horse or not. Sending it off to more agents is my priority this weekend. If only 24 hours was "buy one get one free" - I could achieve so much with an extra 24 hours a day ( and have a body like Myleene Klass???).

Vic x

Ps. I take back what I said about the colour in playhouse  being amazing (see Summer Holidays). It is now a scribbled on bashed up piece of old cardboard which I have evicted into the garden. I am praying for rain so that it becomes pulp! The kids adore it though so money well spent from their point of view.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Summer Holidays

It's been pouring today which can only mean one thing - it's the summer holidays!!! My daughter loves nursery and is absolutely devastated that there is no nursery for six weeks. I am a little bit as well as I am a creature of routine and feel a bit lost when I have six weeks without our usual routine to fill! We had our "summer holiday" in January so we will be staying put this summer but I have been scouting about the Internet looking for ways to keep the kids going!

Staying in Scotland means that you need to be prepared for rainy days in so I have invested in a Chad Valley colour in playhouse. It was only £6.99 in the Argos sale and so far has been money well spent as it has provided two whole days of entertainment. The kids have even had their dinner in it. I have come to accept that it is not going to look like a quaint Snow White cottage but instead be a scribbley mess but the kids are having great fun (although my son coloured in himself, my daughter's legs and the floor as well as the house).  If the weather improves I will take it outside and let them paint it. There is no way on earth I am letting them loose with poster paint in my living room though!
A very poor quality picture of the colour in house!

The only drawback is that takes up a bit of space. It is only cardboard and won't last forever so I can put up with it until it falls apart!

There is quite a lot of cheap/free stuff going on around us during the holidays so I plan to take full advantage. The Avenue in Newton Mearns has something happening each week. From Monday they have animals from Amazonia in so we will be visiting. The mall in East Kilbride has a beach set up for only £1 entry and it is also East Renfrewshire's Early Years Festival which is worth a look at. 

Further afield I will be using my National Trust membership to its fullest. Our favourite places are Greenbank Gardens, the tractor ride at the National Museum of Rural Life and Culzean Castle. It is my son's birthday during the holidays so we will be going to one of the local Farm Parks to celebrate. He loves them. I love them too - bouncing pillows are the best!

Aside from all this we will be doing the usual park trips etc. I will be going early though as they are nuts during the holidays and drive me a bit nuts to be honest. My daughter will want to go to soft play but I am avoiding them like the plague. Bad at the best of times, the stuff of nightmares during the holidays!!!

Hope you have a nice summer hol. If you are getting away I am very jealous!!! :) 

Vic x

Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Dummy Fairy

I think my son is going to have his dummy until he is 16. He is only coming up for two so we are not near the "totally embarrassing" stage yet but I would quite like to get it off him. I have started to sow the seed by telling him about the Dummy Fairy. I got carried away and my story got more and more elaborate. It is now in the following incarnation:

The Dummy Fairy 

Toby Brown is a lovely little boy.
He does as he is told and shares all his toys.
The only thing he would never leave ....
... is the battered old dummy he keeps up his sleeve.

It was grotty, it was chewed, it smelled kind of bad.
But on the matter of dummies Toby was a stubborn lad!
He kept it close, he kept it near.
Losing his dummy was his greatest fear.

One fateful day his Mummy said the dummy had to go.
These words came to Toby as a terrible blow.
"Dummy fairies need your dummies to stop the fairy babies crying".
Toby wondered whether or not his Mummy was lying!

"When fairy babies cry", she said, "the sky turns grey.
Rain thunders down and you can't go out to play.
You are now a big boy and don't need your dummy.
Giving it away would make happy fairy babies and a happy Mummy".

Reluctantly Toby agreed to give the dummy away.
He needed the sunshine as he loved going out to play.
That night the Dummy Fairy visited the sleeping Toby Brown.
She found the dummy under his pillow after having a good look around.

It was gifted to a very grumpy fairy child.
The baby's mood instantly changed from furious to mild.
When Toby Brown woke up the sun was shining in the sky.
This was all because a fairy baby had something to stop her cry.

I told this to my son. I didn't think he would instantly give up his dummy but I thought he might at least give it some thought. Wrong! "MY DUMMY" was his response!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Bubble Trouble


It's been a while since my last post because I was away over the weekend and this required packing of military precision and generally a lot of running about. We were off to Center Parcs. My husband and I are now veterans as this was our sixth visit!!! No more city breaks for us! It is very relaxing though and there is tons to do for kids. It can be very expensive if you shop at the "Parc Market" or do lots of activities.  We thought we were wise to all this but this morning we had brunch at a Cafe Rouge and were charged £4.50 for a basket with 12cm of baguette in it and two mini pastries (very mini pastries). I was not chuffed and asked the waitress if that was it for £4.50. She said yes then went on a rant about how much Mr Center Parcs made each week but how badly he paid the staff. She said that Mr Center Parcs even takes a cut of any tips that are paid by card. Anyway, I am going all militant and am going to email my feedback of how ripped off I felt. I am sure they will be bothered! I think perhaps its time to find another location for a hol!

Having said all this we had a brilliant time and the kids love, love, love it! We went with my parents which was nice. In fact my mum provided the highlight of the trip. She was running a jacuzzi bath and put bubble bath in it. We then heard much kaffufle as a mountain of bubbles grew out of the bath tub. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. The picture below does not do it justice as my mum had got rid of much of the evidence before it was taken. It's the kind of thing you would quite like to do but know it would end in disaster. My mum said she just didn't think :)

I am off to tackle washing mountain.

Til next time.

Vic x

Thursday, 6 June 2013

33 Things I Have Learned!

Yesterday I turned 33. I am feeling quite reflective so here is a list of 33 things I have learned in my 33 years:

1. There is no time like the present.
2. It is rare that things will be given to you on a plate.
3. Little children can be unreasonable.
4. Little children are super funny.
5. Poor preparation equals piss poor performance (a sailor told me that and it's so true!).
6. You are what you eat - strict dieting does not work for me.
7. Not to worry about getting older - as my mum says, the alternative isn't great!
8. Jimmy Cranky is a woman!!! I was quite old when I realised this.
9. Trust your instinct - you are probably correct!
10. If you are waiting for a delivery it is likely to arrive 5 minutes before your time slot expires.
11. Quite a lot about gardening courtesy of Mr Bloom from Cbeebies.
12. Be bold, be brave, be you - cheesy but you can't make life decisions to "fit in" or please other people - it does not lead to happiness!
13. Exercise sucks but it is a necessary evil.
14. Makeup is great!
15. I will never be a blond. I have tried a few times with disaster consequences.
16. I like crafts and I don't care if its sad!
17. You can achieve most things if you are resolute about it.
18. Soft play is horrific.
19. I really like colouring in!
20. I like "Ideal Home" magazine and I don't care if that makes me middle aged!
21. That big presents are not important but a little thought goes a very long way.
22. In the same vein, my children prefer my time than my money. We have more fun playing together than with some expensive toy.
23. That I need a capsule wardrobe of some description - sick of buying inappropriate clothes.
24. Having your eyebrows threaded is amazing!
25. That I have a competitive streak (see Sports Day!)
26. To have patience.
27. That I should always dilute my wine with soda on a night out.  It prevents a bad case of the day after horrors.
28. That I better start a consistent skincare regime. Apparently the face you have at fifty is the face you deserve - eek!!!
29. That I hate coffee and should give up trying it.
30. That you shouldn't waste time trying to get people to like you if you have vibes that they don't,
31. To stop moaning about housework - it will always need done just need to get on with it.
32. Doing scary things can be liberating - like the blog!
33. That when in doubt ask yourself "What would Beyonce do?".


Vic x

Friday, 31 May 2013

Sports Day

Today it was my daughter's nursery Sports Day and she WAS going to win according to herself. I never won anything in Sports Day during my childhood. I wasn't really that competitive. On reflection I think I thought I couldn't do it so I didn't try. My husband, on the other hand, was very sporty at school and very competitive by all accounts. My mini Jessica Ennis took part in two races and came second then third. Very respectable and she is uber chuffed that she got two stickers.

That was all well and good until the teacher uttered the dreaded words - Parent Race time. This was dreaded for two reasons, firstly I don't want to do it, secondly I know my husband will try to tan everyone else's asses and this could be embarrassing! I was correct on one count, true to form my husband forgot that he was at a preschool Sports Day and left everyone in his wake. He is endearingly proud of himself. All the other parents probably think we are total asses! I had asked him earlier why he had worn his old, grotty work shoes that day. It transpires that this was because they are comfy and he thought he would run faster in them. Like I said, he is competitive!

When it came to the mum's race I grudgingly lined up with the others. Then something crazy happened - it turns out I am competitive too!!! I felt I was going to come last for the first part so something in my brain switched and I ramped it up to come a respectable joint third! Who knew I was a competitive sports woman :) .

After the race everyone had a sticker apart from my son. My husband wasn't giving his up so I had to give him mine as he was crying. He lost it and I am ashamed to say I am a little gutted- I have never won anything at Sports Day before!

Vic x